Crucial Memory PC2700 512mb DIMM

Crucial Memory reviewed in The technofile by MC RebbeAs I’ve said elsewhere, if the Technofile is about anything it’s about creativity and the technology that facilitates it, rather than just the technology itself, which is why it’s rare that you’ll find reviews on here about geeky shit like motherboards or fans (unless they’re fans of me that is, in which case they’ll be getting a very thorough testing…). But since, a sizable part of what’s covered in The Technofile is stuff that runs on, or in conjunction with computers, from time to time, we do need to look at geeky shit, hence this review of Crucial Memory‘s PC2700 512mb DIMM.

Of course, if I was a bigger geek than I am (or admit to being), I could wax lyrical about such things as ‘memory timing’, ‘error checking’ and ‘registered/non registered memory’, but frankly I just don’t give a damn, and neither should you. If you’re anything like me, you want to switch on your computer and create, which might be possible if you have a Mac, but if you have a PC, you need all the help you can get. I know, I have one (well actually I have three, but in mitigation, it’s only to retain full compatibility, so that I can bring you the witty & insightful reviews you love so much).

And on the subject of needing all the help you can get (whatever platform you are using quite honestly), memory is an important part of the equation since creative applications are notoriously memory hungry, so the more memory your system has, the faster it will run and the more stable it will be.

Unfortunately choosing the right kind of memory can be a difficult task as there are numerous different types available and exactly what your computer requires will be dependent upon its make, model and motherboard. This is the first place where Crucial score big. Not only does their web site tell you everything that you could possible want or need to know about memory, but it even has a funkee memory check utility that checks your system and tells you exactly what kind of memory you require.

According to Crucial “There Are More Than 110,000 Different Memory Upgrades. Only One Of Them Is The Right One For You. For example, maybe a specific 128MB module works in a certain system if it’s made with one generation of chips, but if made with a different generation, the module won’t work in that system at all. Or, it’s quite possible that a particular module that worked with a system’s old motherboard might not work with the new motherboard. Or maybe your manufacturer suggests a 128MB upgrade but doesn’t say whether you need a regular or low-profile DIMM. We review this data daily to keep the Crucial Memory Advisor as close to 100 percent accurate as possible.” Quite!

They also guarantee this memory….which is just as well, as the initial sample I received didn’t work properly….however, this did allow me to check out their support, which was extensive (and which comes free as standard). As soon as it was determined that the chip was faulty, it was replaced within 24 hours, no questions, then I was given extensive advice about optimising my system which has been rock solid and completely stable ever since. So while it’s true that Crucial memory is slightly more expensive than the very cheapest memory you might find if you really search, it’s easily worth paying an extra few quid (and I do mean a few) for this level of quality, reliability, support and peace of mind.

A full five bagels and highly recommended as the memory of choice!

5 bagels awarded to Crucial Memory in The Technofile by MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi

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