Aug 01

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi in The Technofile Ever since The Technofile went live, the first of each month has seen me delivering Rebbetorialz religiously…and if there’s one thing I know about, it’s how to do things religiously… But like Abraham before me, I’ve had an epiphany (fortunately mine won’t involve a circumcision…well not another one at any rate)…

Part of the reason I started this publication was that thanks to the web, monthly magazines…and their monthly editorials…are generally past their sell by date way before they ever hit the newsstands, which kinda means that by going into business, I’m effectively putting myself out of business…dontcha you just love the irony…

So from now on, instead of feeling obliged to deliver a monthly sermon, I’m adopting a new paradigm and will be posting Rebbetorialz as and when I feel they are called for.

Thus endeth this month’s Rebbetorial…dontcha just love the irony…

MC Rebbe

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