Get your techno kicks in 2006

MC rebbe the Rapping Rabbi in The TechnofileIf you’re wondering what 2006 has in store, you won’t have long to wait, as the convention circuit kicks off on January 5th, with The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Vegas. Although the products launched there are primarily aimed at consumers, there’s always something applicable to creatives…plus lots of neat gadgets, so look out for announcements.

The day after CES finishes, Mac World San Francisco starts…with the big question…will they or won’t they…announce Macs with Intel inside that is? Apple have already announced that they are switching their entire range of computers over to Intel processors. Originally they said this would start during the summer of 2006, but the rumour sites are a buzz with gossip and speculation that Apple are ahead of schedule, so let’s see what happens when Steve takes the stage…

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure…NAMM, which kicks off on January 19th, in Anaheim, will bring a barrage of pro audio software and hardware announcements, making January, the month to get your Techno Kicks.

MC Rebbe


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