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Ask Video SX ED Cubase Tutorial DVDs reviewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe The Rapping RabbiWhen I reviewed Cubase SX3, just over a year ago, I mentioned ASK Video’s SX ED tutorial series, which comprises level 1, 2 & 3 DVDs, available individually, or as a set. At the time I had been sent just the level 2 disc, which I though was “excellent” (and that’s a quote),  but was unable to comment on the rest of the series. Recently though,  I was sent the full set and so was able to set about reviewing all three discs…a task completed just in time to hear the announcement of Cubase SX4…that’s the pace of modern technology for you…or possibly irony…not that it matters as whichever version of Cubase you’re using, these DVDs are essential viewing…and that’s another quote!

Introduced by JoAnn Mailloux, all three discs are taught by Cubase Guru, Steve Kostrey, who has been a product specialist at Steinberg Canada, for over a decade…and it shows…that he’s a product specialist that is.

The first of the three DVDs, cunningly named DVD level 1, is perfect for anyone who is new to Cubase and/or MIDI+audio software. Containing over two hours of professionally produced video, it does a superb job of introducing Cubase, its interface and the basics of using it for recording.  Starting at the very beginning with setting up your audio & MIDI and creating a new project, its 28 lessons move onto tracks and transport, customisation, the project page, the toolset, VST connections, recording audio, the pool, looping, snap, MIDI recording, MIDI editing, audio recording, audio editing , play order tracks, the mixer, key commands and macros, important preferences, workspaces and managing audio.

However much you may think you know about Cubase, the chances are there’s something here that you don’t, so I’d recommend this DVD to everyone, but if you consider yourself to be an experienced user, you might want to jump straight into Level 2, which contains over two more hours of video.

Focusing on editing and mixing, its 26 lessons cover advanced audio editing, fades and crossfades, the sample editor v the part editor, effect channels, group channels, advanced mixing, automation, the inspector, the key editor, the drum editor, the score editor, edit in place, advanced folder tracks, advanced marker tracks, punch in/punch out and video.

Finally, for the advanced user…which you will be if you’ve studied DVDs 1 & 2… comes, quite logically, the Level 3 DVD,  which  skillfully demystifies complex Cubase concepts, such as time warping and rewiring.  Its  26 lessons spend a further two hours covering advanced part editing, advanced scoring,  audio processing, audio warp, beat calculator, external effects, freeze, import export, MIDI devices,  MIDI effects, MIDI functions, offline processing, rewire, surround sound 1, surround sound 2, tempo track, the project browser, time warp, vocal comping & lanes and VST system link.

Well structured, well executed, well shot…and ‘well good’, if you’re a Cubase user, whatever your level of experience, these DVDs are an absolute must have, as they’ll take you from novice to expert in a weekend…with time off for meals!

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi awards ASK Video SX ED Cubase Tutorial DVDs 5 bagels in The Technofile

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