SanDisk Extreme III 2GB CompactFlash

Sandisk Extreme III reviewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe The Rapping RabbiBuilt to perform in the most extreme environments and weather conditions, SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash is designed for serious pro photographers who demand serious performance and durability from their memory media.

It works in temperatures from -25º C to 85º C (-13º F to 185º F), has been shock and vibration tested and according to my peeps at SanDisk, has even been put through washing machine cycles and under the wheels of trucks and survived with its data intact. To verify this, I was going to get my mother to put it through a boil wash, then drive my Volvo over it, but Sandisk sent this card to me through the Royal Mail and I figured if it could survive that, it could survive anything…

But it’s not just durable, it’s fast too, thanks to SanDisk’s ‘Enhanced Super-Parallel Processing’ technology or ESP for short (I bet you had a feeling I was going to say that), which ensures a minimum sequential read and write speed of 20MB/second.
Having tested this card comprehensively with a DSLR set to produce full resolution 10 Mega Pixel Raw images and JPEGs simultaneously (resulting in total file sizes averaging 13MB), I’d say this minimum speed is regularly exceeded, as writes to card were so quick that it was like shooting on film. The only exceptions to this being very long exposures, which took a long time to write, but since the resulting files were not much larger than pictures taken with short exposures, I suspect that this was down to the camera, rather than the card.

Included with the extreme III series, is RescuePRO, which uses cutting edge media recovery algorithms to enable you to preview and recover damaged and ‘lost’ data. Since this card continued to perform flawlessly after being filled up, deleted, overwritten and reformatted on numerous occasions, I’m pleased to say I had no need to test this.

If you shoot non stop, are planning multiple shoots without access to a means of downloading and/or are using a camera with a full frame sensor, you may find that a 2GB card fills up quickly and that it’s worth investing in a 4, 8, 12 or 16GB card instead. If, on the other hand (there’s always another hand when you’re Jewish), you merely want a card with enough space for a day’s worth of shooting, that you can rely upon totally, then this 2GB card should fit the bill perfectly…and without breaking the bank!

Sandisk Extreme III reviewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi

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