Contour Design Shuttle Pro V2.0

Contour Design Shuttle Pro V2.0 reviewed in the Technofile

Desktop audio and video editing is a great thing…using a mouse to navigate a timeline is not…enter Contour Design’s Shuttle Pro, a mini control surface that’s pre-configured to work out of the box with many of today’s top A/V applications.

It features a total of 15 fully programmable buttons, 9 of which have removable keycaps for easy labelling. More importantly though, it sports a continuous ‘jog’ dial (with three finger wells) for frame by frame control, surrounded by a spring-loaded, rubberized (mmm…rubber…), knurled ‘shuttle’ ring for fast forward and rewind.

The perfect size and feel for the job, this jog/shuttle wheel makes navigating the timeline on everything from Logic to Premiere Pro a breeze. The Shuttle Pro even monitors which application you have active, automatically switching its settings to suit…and because it’s ergonomically designed to be used with one hand, you have the other one free for…whatever you might need a hand free for whilst using a computer…

If you’re running a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), it’s not so much the be all and end all, as a useful adjunct to a more fully featured control surface. But for video/animation it’s ideal. Just plug it into a spare USB port and you’re away…literally, if you have a laptop, which it will help turn into the perfect mobile video editing suite. If you have particularly large hands, you might find the jog/shuttle wheel slightly too small, otherwise, at just £76/$110 it’s a must have!

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