Home Networking For Dummies 4th Edition

MC Rebbe reviews Home Networking For Dummies 4th Edition in The Technofile

Make no Mistake, Networking For Dummies will teach you everything you need to know about networking in clear simple terms, but if all you need to do is to connect together a couple of home (or even office) PCs, so that you can share files and maybe an internet connection or a printer, then it might be overkill, as you really don’t need to know how to create an intranet or have TCP/IP demystified.

Enter Home Networking For Dummies, which, though just as comprehensive, in its own way, is an even slower and gentler introduction to the wonderful world of networking. Though it covers much of the same ground, it is, as the title suggests, focussed on the needs of those that wants to create a small (wired or wireless) home network, rather than something more corporate.

Assuming even less knowledge than Networking For Dummies, it includes whole chapters about configuring computer sharing, setting up users, printing across a network, security and maintenance, all of which is fantastic if you are running Windows XP or Vista. What’s not fantastic is its coverage of Macs, which amounts to about two and a half of its 338 pages, which looses it points! If you want to create a simple home PC network, buy this book, but if you want to create a more complex or a Mac based network, you’ll have to either buy Networking For Dummies or look elsewhere.

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