The Freelance Photographer’s Market Handbook 2009

Between the collapse of capitalism, relatively minimal new magazine launch activity and the fact that everyone and their dog’s fleas seems to own a DSLR nowadays, you may be wondering exactly how to make a living from your photos? Enter The Freelance Photographer’s Market Handbook 2009, which, in its 247 pages, provides you with just about every conceivable means imaginable.

Published by the Bureau of Freelance Photographers, who were founded in 1965 and who describe themselves as ‘the major body for the freelance photographer,’ it is comprehensive, well researched and most importantly, up to date.

Breaking things down into five market categories, the handbook lists magazines, newspapers, book publishers, picture agencies and companies that produce cards, calendars, posters and other print based products. In addition to the full contact details and key personnel found in these sections, each magazine listing offers information about the text and ‘illustrations’ used, a brief analysis of freelance potential, a fees guide and, in some cases, editor’s tips; each agency listing offers key personnel, specialisms, markets supplied, formats accepted, usual business terms, commission and additional information and each cards, calenders and posters listing includes products, requirements, formats and fees. The newspapers and books sections consist of more basic information.

The Magazines, books and agencies sections also include very useful subject indexes, that allow you to search by specialist interest, so if, for example, you need to find a publication that takes pictures of transvestite foot fetishist photographers grand pianos, it will be a doddle to find.

Finally there is a short ‘services’ section that lists courses, equipment hire and repair, studio hire, processing, finishing and some useful tips. Although the handbook only list UK publications and businesses, for anyone based in or wanting to sell to this territory, it is ideal, so if you want to make money from your photos buy this book.

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