Nikon D700 – Preview

Nikon D700 previewed in the Technofile

When it comes to still photography, digital has all but won the argument. It’s more convenient, almost instantaneous and, if you exclude the cost of needing to update your equipment every two and a half minutes, far cheaper than silver. In fact, it really only has one problem, it simply doesn’t look like film. Or at least it didn’t until a year or so ago, when Nikon released their much lauded D3, which, to my eyes (with or without the sunglasses) was the first small format digital camera to produce results that genuinely looked as if they could have been shot on film. Continue reading “Nikon D700 – Preview”

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Sony Alpha 100

Sony Alpha 100 reviewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe the Rapping Rabbi


Sony have been making compact digital cameras for some time…in fact, their ‘Mavica’ was the first camera to digitally record images. But until recently, they had never produced a digital SLR. So in 2005, when they decided it was time to enter this highly specialised market, rather than develop a new camera from scratch, they bought into it, by acquiring one of the world’s most successful SLR companies, Konica Minolta. At the time, the photographic world was up in arms, predicting all sorts of doom and destruction. But as it turns out, the doom mongers were wrong, as the Alpha 100 bears testament to the best that both companies have to offer. Continue reading “Sony Alpha 100”

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Fuji S20 Pro

Fuji S20 Pro Reviewed in the Technofile by award winning Jewish Comedian, rapper, journalist, DJ, VJ & producer MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi, well known for his jewish comedy.Well it had to happen sooner or later…and now it has…I’ve been sent something to review that I have a real problem with…

It’s not the Fuji S20’s size which, for a camera with this level of functionality, is petite. Nor is it the S20’s handling, as it sits in the hand almost as nicely as a cream cheese bagel and it’s certainly not its “6.2” million SR CCD which combines 3.35 million high sensitivity pixels with 3.35 million lower sensitivity pixels to give pictures with much greater latitude than your average digital. Continue reading “Fuji S20 Pro”

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Holga 120 CFN

Holga 120 CFN reviewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe, journalist, photographer, rapper, DJ, VJ, producerNot content with bringing you up to the minute coverage of high tech wonders like pinhole photography (gasp) and century old alternative processes (awe), The Technofile is once again pushing the boat out photographically…this time with it’s review of the latest camera from…Holga…

Never heard of them? Well that’s understandable, since all they’ve ever produced is a seriously crap plastic toy camera. However, this seriously crap plastic toy camera is taken very seriously by fine art photographers the world over, who, for quite some time, have thought it’s the best thing since whatever the last best thing was. Continue reading “Holga 120 CFN”

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