365 Group Acrylic Clapperboard

Once upon a time, if you wanted to make a movie, you’d need a sound recordist to capture audio to tape (as film doesn’t record sound) and a clapperboard to enable you to sync them up in post. Then along came video (which magically captures both sound and pictures to the same medium) and the clapperboard went out of the window with the baby, the bathwater and the bath. But that wasn’t the end of the story because the advent of the HD DSLR has meant that filmmakers once again have the need for clapperboards. So where do you go when you want a clapperboard…Clapperboard.com? Almost…Clapperboard.net actually! Visit the site and you’ll see a dizzying array of clapperboards by ‘365 Group’ costing from £15 to £1500. I tested their most popular model, the ‘Acrylic clapperboard with black & white sticks 280mm x 240mm’, which, at £39.99 represents excellent value for money. Continue reading “365 Group Acrylic Clapperboard”

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Litepanels Micro & MicroPro

If you think that HDSLRs are the only game changer in town, think again. Over the last few years there’s been a revolution going on in lighting, at the forefront of which are Litepanels. In fact, their use of proprietary LED technology is so innovative that last year, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awarded them an Emmy! Continue reading “Litepanels Micro & MicroPro”

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Creative Live HD DSLR Workshop

Vincent Laforet is a highly successful and award winning photographer who, back in 2008, managed to get hold of a prototype Canon 5D MKII for a weekend. The result was a visually stunning short film entitled ‘Reverie‘, that spread across the net like wildfire, capturing viewers imaginations and giving birth to the HD DSLR ‘movement’. Last weekend Laforet lead a workshop that, in its own way, was just as unique an experiment as that first short. Why? Because all three days were broadcast live on the net. Continue reading “Creative Live HD DSLR Workshop”

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Adobe Creative Suite 3 – World Exclusive Preview!

Adobe Creative Suite 3 world exclusive preview by MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi

Those of you who read my blog will know that at the end of January, I spent half a day at an exclusive press event (and a further half day at a follow up event a couple of weeks ago). Since both events were under Non Disclosure Agreement, I was unable to say anything more until now…when I can exclusively reveal that they were previews of Adobe’s Creative Suite 3, which will be formerly announced today. Continue reading “Adobe Creative Suite 3 – World Exclusive Preview!”

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