The Equipment Show

Last weekend The British Society of Cinematographers held their annual ‘Equipment Show’ at Elstree Film and Television Studios’ Studio One…or as it has been renamed, ‘The George Lucas Stage’. Highlights included the new HD cameras from Arri and Panavision, whose differing design philosophies try to achieve the same end result of film quality images on digital video tape.

MC Rebbe features the Panavision Genesis in The Technofile alongside the Arriflex D20The Sony camera…or as it has been renamed…The Panavision Genesis…has a Sony image sensor, Sony circuitry and an integrated Sony HD ‘tape deck’. It is designed to take the full range of Panavision Primo lenses and because it features a single ‘full frame’ sensor, there is no magnification factor, which means that these lenses offer exactly the same focal length and depth of field as if used with a Panavision 35mm film camera. Continue reading “The Equipment Show”

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Movie Magic Screenwriter 4.7

Movie Magic Screenwriter 4.7 reviewed in The Technofile by MC rebbe The Rapping RabbiIf you are now, or have ever been a Hollywood scriptwriter, you’ll know that scripts have to be formatted in a very specific way. You can do it with a word processor, but it’s not easy. What is easy is Movie Magic Screenwriter, which provides you with all the tools you need to quickly and easily format screen, stage and radio plays, sitcoms, episodic TV drama, novels and even multimedia/animation scripts. Continue reading “Movie Magic Screenwriter 4.7”

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