Creative Live HD DSLR Workshop

Vincent Laforet is a highly successful and award winning photographer who, back in 2008, managed to get hold of a prototype Canon 5D MKII for a weekend. The result was a visually stunning short film entitled ‘Reverie‘, that spread across the net like wildfire, capturing viewers imaginations and giving birth to the HD DSLR ‘movement’. Last weekend Laforet lead a workshop that, in its own way, was just as unique an experiment as that first short. Why? Because all three days were broadcast live on the net. Continue reading “Creative Live HD DSLR Workshop”

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The Technofile Awards 2010

The Technofile 2010 Awards

At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s the start of a new decade and this, in conjunction with the Technofile celebrating its 5th birthday (albeit slightly belatedly) seems like the perfect opportunity to give out some awards. Unlike everyone else’s awards though, the Technies are not for the best of 2009, or even for the best of the noughties. They are for, what, in the opinion of The Technofile, is the best software and hardware currently available to creative professionals. Whether it was released yesterday or 5 years ago is immaterial, the only stipulation is that you can go out and buy it…or sit at home and download it (legally, of course) now. So, without further ado: Continue reading “The Technofile Awards 2010”

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Adobe Lightroom 2

Lightroom is a revelation! Perhaps best described as Photoshop for photographers, it takes the functionality of Adobe Camera RAW to the nth, in a quick to learn and simple to use application, that will have photographers achieving almost everything they can with Photoshop (and in some respects, much more), in a fraction of the time! Continue reading “Adobe Lightroom 2”

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Networking For Dummies 8th Edition

Networking For Dummies 8th Edition reviewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe

Recently, I was chatting to my friend the Doctor (of computer science) and happened to mention that I’d just read Networking for Dummies. His response? “If you’ve read Networking For Dummies, you know more about networking than me,” which can only mean one of two things, either this book is excellent, or educational standards in this country have sunk even lower than I thought. If you want to find out which, read on. Continue reading “Networking For Dummies 8th Edition”

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