Education! Education! Education!

I looked o’er tech mag land and what did I see? An unholy obsession with the latest software and hardware. Now I’m as guilty as the next Jew of wanting to know how many mega pixels? Does it do 192(Khz)? When is the next version going to be released? etc. But unlike some, I’m just as concerned with the creative process as with the processor, and it’s high time (and there’s nothing like high time) that everyone else was too. Of course it’s not the tech mags that are to blame, after all they are just filling a hole in the market (and there’s nothing like filling a hole), so good luck to them. Continue reading “Education! Education! Education!”

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Belkin 800VA Universal UPS

Belkin UPS reviewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe The Rapping RabbiDirty can be good and dirty can be bad. When it comes to women, it’s generally very good but when it comes to electricity it’s always very bad. You see electricity supplies are supposed to deliver a constant voltage (110V in The US and 220/230/240 Volts in Europe) but they rarely do. Instead they tend to fluctuate because of spikes, surges, brownouts and even disruption by lighting strikes, all of which can play havoc with your equipment. So if your electricity…like your woman, is bad, you’re best off with protection. Continue reading “Belkin 800VA Universal UPS”

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Spirits of Salts

Spirits of Salts reviewed by MC Rebbe in The TechnofileAnyone whose ever read more than a couple of books about photography will know that most photographic manuals have one thing in common…they’re boring! ‘Spirits of Salts’, however, is anything but. In fact, it’s positively entertaining.

So what’s it about? ‘Old’ aka ‘historical’ aka ‘alternative’ photographic processes….let me explain. Most of you will know that prior to the advent of digital photography, everyone used good old film, which, after being exposed has first to be developed into a negative and then printed as a positive, using a chemical process. Less of you will know that this neg/pos process has been with us for approximately 170 years, since its invention in the 1830s, by William Henry Fox Talbot and probably very few of you will know that over these 170 or so years, as photography has continued to…develop (sue me), various chemical process have been experimented with, both to create different looks (much as one might nowadays with Photoshop) and to refine the technology of the medium. Continue reading “Spirits of Salts”

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Crucial Memory PC2700 512mb DIMM

Crucial Memory reviewed in The technofile by MC RebbeAs I’ve said elsewhere, if the Technofile is about anything it’s about creativity and the technology that facilitates it, rather than just the technology itself, which is why it’s rare that you’ll find reviews on here about geeky shit like motherboards or fans (unless they’re fans of me that is, in which case they’ll be getting a very thorough testing…). But since, a sizable part of what’s covered in The Technofile is stuff that runs on, or in conjunction with computers, from time to time, we do need to look at geeky shit, hence this review of Crucial Memory‘s PC2700 512mb DIMM. Continue reading “Crucial Memory PC2700 512mb DIMM”

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Sigma EX 24-70mm F2.8 DG DF

Sigma 24-70mm lens reviewed in The Technofile by MC RebbeIt’s not all that long ago that if you wanted a decent wide angle, standard and ‘short’ telephoto lens, you needed to buy three separate ‘prime’ lenses. However, recent advances in optics and computing now mean that it is possible to buy one zoom lens that really does do the job of three…and this is that lens! Continue reading “Sigma EX 24-70mm F2.8 DG DF”

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Resfest (the festival where everyone is called Jonathan)

With perhaps the exception of the Fashion industry (and of course my late, lamented club Pretension) Film Festivals can be some of the most pretentious things in the world, so to find one that offers a diverse and cutting edge programme, without the merest hint of attitude is nothing short of a revolutionary. It’s also just as well as let’s face it, with me around, there’s not much room left for attitude (or pretensiousness). Continue reading “Resfest (the festival where everyone is called Jonathan)”

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Shalom Muthafunkers!

To those that know me….and to those that don’t, SHALOM MUTHAFUNKERS and welcome to The Technofile, a rebbezine devoted entirely to technology. Before we go any further though, let’s get something straight. I might be a technophile, but even I have my limits. If you want to read in depth analysis of system architectures, discuss the relative merits of PC cooling systems, or perhaps read this entire publication in machine code ‘because English is for wimps’…get a life! This rebbezine is about the technology related to creativity and entertainment (and for those creatives and entertainers who could do with sorting their lives out, which lets face it, is probably all of you, we’ll also be covering hardware and software to help you do just that). Continue reading “Shalom Muthafunkers!”

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