Sounds Expo 2006

Sounds Expo, the UK’s music tech show, took place last weekend…right in between the industry’s two major trade shows, NAMM and Musikmesse, which are always jam packed with new product announcements. Unlike those events, Sounds Expo is an end user’s show, meaning there are not normally any product announcements there, making  it a monumental feat of bad timing, as everything due to be announced at Musikmesse in Frankfurt is still under wraps and everything announced at NAMM is already yesterday’s news. So while it provided  a good opportunity to check out NAMM products that have yet to hit the shops, waiting three weeks and holding the event after Frankfurt would have been to everyone’s benefit. Continue reading “Sounds Expo 2006”

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Total Training Creative Suite 2 Standard Plus Bundle

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi reviews Total Training CS2 Standard bundle in The TechnofileIf you read my recent review of Total Training’s Digital Video Collection Professional Plus bundle,  you’ll know that I’m a big fan of their tutorial DVDs, so it’ll come as no great surprise that I’m giving them full marks for this bundle, which is, without question, a superb resource for anyone wanting to learn the ins and outs of Adobe Creative Suite 2.

Based around three separate DVD sets, ‘Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS2’, ‘Total Training for Adobe Illustrator CS2’ and ‘Total Training for Adobe InDesign CS2’, it also includes two bonus DVDs ‘Adobe Photoshop Tips and Tricks’ and ‘Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop’. Continue reading “Total Training Creative Suite 2 Standard Plus Bundle”

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Native Instruments Reaktor 5

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi reviews Native Instruments Reaktor 5 in The Technofile 

If I ask you to imagine a synthesizer, the chances are that either you’ll think of an oblong box housing a plastic keyboard, various knobs, buttons and sliders, or you’ll think of  the virtual software equivalent…though if you’re of a certain vintage…and still have the flares…(but no longer have the hair) to prove it, you might just imagine racks of electronic modules connected together with a spaghetti like jumble of patch leads, that looks more like the deranged experiment of some mad physicist, than a musical instrument, as, prior to the advent of the ‘integrated synthesizer’,  that’s pretty much what a synthesizer was. Continue reading “Native Instruments Reaktor 5”

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Phew Wow!

MC rebbe the Rapping Rabbi in The Technofile

With 3 major expos in rapid succession, January is always a big month for all things tech, but January 2006 seems to be taking da cheesecake.

Before The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had even opened its doors, manufacturers were already making product announcements…already… Continue reading “Phew Wow!”

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Propellerhead Reason V3.0

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi Reviews Propellerhead Reason V3.0 in The TechnofileI remember my first experience of Reason. My homee Alain had just got back from touring with Morrissey and had a new toy he wanted me to check out…Reason 1.0…which was so new that he’d yet to even open the box in which it came, much less figure out how it worked, something we decided was my department, so leaving me with a CD in one hand and a manual in the other, he disappeared off to the kitchen to make the tea…yeah…we’re so rock ‘n’ roll…

When he returned, 5 mins later, mugs in hand, to his amazement, not only had I completed the installation, but I’d also practically completed an entire Drum ‘n’ Bass mix. Not bad for someone who’d never even so much as seen the software before, much less read the manual. But then that’s the beauty of Reason…if you’re used to recording in an electronic music studio, you already know how it works…because that’s exactly what Reason is…an entire electronic music studio, in a single screen, reproduced in the finest…and finest of detail. Continue reading “Propellerhead Reason V3.0”

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