Creative Live HD DSLR Workshop

Vincent Laforet is a highly successful and award winning photographer who, back in 2008, managed to get hold of a prototype Canon 5D MKII for a weekend. The result was a visually stunning short film entitled ‘Reverie‘, that spread across the net like wildfire, capturing viewers imaginations and giving birth to the HD DSLR ‘movement’. Last weekend Laforet lead a workshop that, in its own way, was just as unique an experiment as that first short. Why? Because all three days were broadcast live on the net. Continue reading “Creative Live HD DSLR Workshop”

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The Technofile Awards 2010

The Technofile 2010 Awards

At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s the start of a new decade and this, in conjunction with the Technofile celebrating its 5th birthday (albeit slightly belatedly) seems like the perfect opportunity to give out some awards. Unlike everyone else’s awards though, the Technies are not for the best of 2009, or even for the best of the noughties. They are for, what, in the opinion of The Technofile, is the best software and hardware currently available to creative professionals. Whether it was released yesterday or 5 years ago is immaterial, the only stipulation is that you can go out and buy it…or sit at home and download it (legally, of course) now. So, without further ado: Continue reading “The Technofile Awards 2010”

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Hell Freezes Over…

Apple, Intel and MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi in The TechnofileFor anyone who hasn’t heard by now, last month, at The Word Wide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Apple announced their intention to switch their entire range of Macs from Power PC to Intel based chips…and simultaneously weather reports confirmed a drop in temperature of several million degrees in the substrata of The Earth… A handful of Mac Addicts did jump up and down in protest…but weather reports confirmed that no earthquakes registered on The Richter Scale… Continue reading “Hell Freezes Over…”

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Apple Logic Pro 7.0

Apple Logic Pro 7.0 reviewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe The Rapping RabbiThis is big…huge…massive…and that’s just the size of the box Logic ships in. In fact, at almost 13½cm deep, it’s 1½cm deeper than the Steinberg Cubase SX3 box and a whole 5½cm deeper than the Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producer Edition box (reviews of both coming soon BTW). Of course some people say that size isn’t everything…not that they’ve ever said that to me…as a rapper I’m big…huge…massive…and then some… but there’s a reason why the Logic box is so big…it’s full of manuals (unlike the Cubase box, which is full of…air) and once you start to read them and to realise just how much wicked new functionality has been added to this latest version of Logic, you start to wonder how they managed to fit it all into one box…even one this big…as Logic Pro 7.0 is not so much a sequencing package as an entire studio in a (very big) box. Continue reading “Apple Logic Pro 7.0”

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Talkin’ ’bout Creation!

MC Rebbe presents his  monthly editorial in The Technofile, you one stop shop for music, photography, film, DJ, VJ and animation technologyBack in the day, when (IBM compatible) PCs were ugly, geeky, techy boxes that couldn’t do much, Bill Gates was still just an aspiring megalomaniac and Michael Jackson was still black, Apple were thinking ‘different’ by shipping a computer that, thanks to its user friendly graphic user interface didn’t require you to have a degree in mathematics. Continue reading “Talkin’ ’bout Creation!”

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Something to Shout About!

Apple Logic Pro 7.0 discussed by MC Rebbe The Rapping RabbiA few weeks ago, Apple released the latest version of its flagship midi+audio sequencer, Logic Pro. A multitude of new features and functionality has been added including support for both ‘Garage Band’ and ‘Apple Loops’, but the most significant new feature has to be support for ‘nodes’.

Nodes are one or more additional computers (a minimum of G4s, but preferably G5s) networked (via Ethernet) to a main computer, which then seamlessly harnesses the collective processing power of these nodes for use by Logic and this is something to shout about from the rooftops…with or without accompaniment from a fiddler (just don’t shout too loud or you might end up with nodes). Why? Because it marks an important midpoint in the evolution of computer based digital audio production and also seems to make its and Apple’s future direction (both of which now seem to be inextricably linked) pretty damn clear…as I’ll explain, by way of a little history lesson. Continue reading “Something to Shout About!”

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