Spirits of Salts

Spirits of Salts reviewed by MC Rebbe in The TechnofileAnyone whose ever read more than a couple of books about photography will know that most photographic manuals have one thing in common…they’re boring! ‘Spirits of Salts’, however, is anything but. In fact, it’s positively entertaining.

So what’s it about? ‘Old’ aka ‘historical’ aka ‘alternative’ photographic processes….let me explain. Most of you will know that prior to the advent of digital photography, everyone used good old film, which, after being exposed has first to be developed into a negative and then printed as a positive, using a chemical process. Less of you will know that this neg/pos process has been with us for approximately 170 years, since its invention in the 1830s, by William Henry Fox Talbot and probably very few of you will know that over these 170 or so years, as photography has continued to…develop (sue me), various chemical process have been experimented with, both to create different looks (much as one might nowadays with Photoshop) and to refine the technology of the medium. Continue reading “Spirits of Salts”

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