Audio-Visual Art + DJ Culture Edited by Michael Faulkner/D-Fuse

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi reviews D-Fuse book Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture in The TechnofileIf you want to find your way into the VJing scene, you can either head for the next AV Social, or you can buy yourself a copy of  ‘Audio-Visual Art + DJ Culture’, edited by Michael Faulkner/D-Fuse…the world’s #12 VJs according to DJ Magazine.

Not so much a book as an visual experience, its lavishly illustrated 191 full colour pages are, quite simply, art, each one providing a unique visual window into the world of VJing. Continue reading “Audio-Visual Art + DJ Culture Edited by Michael Faulkner/D-Fuse”

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London Calling 2006

MC rebbe The Rapping Rabbi at London Calling 2006

Last week, London’s Earls Court played host to “London Calling,” a newish (as opposed to a Jewish) music biz conference/expo/ showcase that claims to be “the dynamic new international event for artists, managers, labels, service providers, brands and the new companies building the future of music business,” but which was so dominated by the net, that I kept thinking I was at a computer trade fair. Continue reading “London Calling 2006”

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Native Instrument’s Traktor 3 DJ Studio

Traktor 3 DJ Studio reviewed in the Technofile by MC Rebbe The Rapping RabbiRumours of the death of vinyl used to be greatly exaggerated. Not anymore. None of my superstar DJ friends want the hassle of  dragging a box of records (or even CDs) with them everywhere they fly, with all the inherent risks of precious and irreplaceable vinyl getting damaged, lost  and delayed, when they can simply fling a laptop in a bag…especially now that downloading is the new…Rock ‘n’ Roll.

If you want to join them and the rest of the digital DJ massive, Native Instruments Traktor  is one of three major software packages suitable for the job. As experts in modelling,  it’s hardly surprising that NI’s approach to computer DJing has been to create a virtual four deck DJ setup built around a top of the range Allen & Heath Xone: 92 mixer, forensically modelled right down to the adjustable cross-fader curve noch. Continue reading “Native Instrument’s Traktor 3 DJ Studio”

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Ableton Live 5

Abelton Live 5 reviewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi“Where have you been all my life,” is not a phrase I’d normally associate with software. In fact, up until now, it’s been reserved for the moment when Destiny’s Child, Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie arrive simultaneously at my front door…bearing a platter of cold meats… but I’m making an exception  for Ableton’s Live 5, which is close to being the music making application of my dreams.

Clearly I’m not the only one with this view, as, over the last couple of years, Live has not just become synonymous with, but completely redefined DJing, taking it to a level completely unobtainable with conventional hardware. Continue reading “Ableton Live 5”

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Phew Wow!

MC rebbe the Rapping Rabbi in The Technofile

With 3 major expos in rapid succession, January is always a big month for all things tech, but January 2006 seems to be taking da cheesecake.

Before The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had even opened its doors, manufacturers were already making product announcements…already… Continue reading “Phew Wow!”

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Sony ACID Pro V5.0

Sony Acid Pro 5.0 reviewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe: DJ, VJ, rapper, producer, remixer, journalist,  Jewish comedian,It’s not often that a manufacturer gets to claim responsibility for an entire genre of music and when they can, it’s usually by accident. The classic example is Roland, without whose 303 and 909 there would have been no Acid House…or trance…

Of course that was back in the day, since when, dance music has moved on and massive as it is right now, there’s something even more massive and that’s bootlegs aka mash ups aka bastard pop. In fact, Mash ups are such big news lately, that if you haven’t heard about them, chances are you’ve spent the last couple of years with your head buried in the sand…on Mars. Continue reading “Sony ACID Pro V5.0”

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Just One More Thing…

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi. From his monthly editorial in The Technofile: Rapper, DJ, VJ, Producer, remixer, Jewish comedian, Jewish comedy, Jewish rap, Jewish music Like I said last month, January promised to be a big one with CES, Macworld & NAMM all taking place within days (and several hundred miles) of each other. But in the event…or before the events, January came early with an announcement by Yamaha that they had bought Steinberg, the makers of Cubase & Nuendo. Until a couple of years ago, Steinberg were an independent company, but shortly after Apple acquired Emagic (the makers of Emagic Logic…aka Apple Logic) video software company Pinnacle snapped them up…and despite lots of talk, did very little with the company. Steinberg & Yamaha are both audio technology innovators so what happens next should be something worth watching…though let’s not forget what happened the last time the Germans and the Japanese formed a partnership… Continue reading “Just One More Thing…”

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Cakewalk Kinetic

Cakewalk Kinetic reviewed in the Technofile by MC Rebbe DJ, VJ, rapper, producer, journalist
If I had to describe Cakewalk’s latest offering, Kinetic, in one word, that word would be cool!

At it heart, Kinetic is a 16 channel pattern based sequencer that’s jam packed with authentic Roland patterns and sounds direct from their line of grooveboxes, putting at your fingertips 101, 303, 808 and 909 sounds, as well as Acid format grooves, all of which are categorised according to instrument type and music genre by Kinetic’s built in content browser. However, you’re not restricted to using just these patterns and grooves, as you can also create your own, in real or step time. Continue reading “Cakewalk Kinetic”

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