Pioneer CDJ-2000

Pioneer CDJ-2000

I remember a time when no DJ worth his salt took CD players seriously (I say his, because they were all blokes back then). The objections were longer than a 12” (remember those?). “CDs are all very well, but what are you going to do when one starts jumping in the middle of a set?”…“It’s not like you can scratch with them is it?” “CDs? What next, female DJs?” Enter Pioneer (DJ booth left), with their now legendary CDJ-1000s, which, combined rock solid performance, optimal ergonomics, industrial build quality and the ability to emulate the entire cannon of vinyl tricks…and then some. The CDJs revolutionised the industry to such an extent that it’s almost impossible to find a club that doesn’t have a pair. But with a whole new generation getting their tunes direct from the net (some even, legally…) and the ever growing popularity of laptop DJing with Live, Traktor and Serrato, it seems that the graffiti’s on the wall for CDs. So what next? Continue reading “Pioneer CDJ-2000”

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BPM DJ show reviewed by MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi in The Technofile

In the UK, there’s no shortage of music industry trade shows, but until recently if you wanted to check out the latest DJing kit, you were faced with a choice between PLASA (the main focus of which is sound and lighting for concert tours and large installations, making it 95% irrelevant to the average DJ) and a handful of shows targeted at musicians and producers. Last weekend though, the landscape changed, as DJs took control at BPM, a brand new show organised by Marked Events. Continue reading “BPM”

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Pioneer SVM-1000

Pinoeer SVM-1000 DJ and VJ mixer previewed on The Technofile by MC Rebbe the Rapping Rabbi

Back in 2004, Pioneer released the groundbreaking ‘DVJ-X’, which allowed DJs and VJs to scratch, loop and mash up DVDs in almost exactly the same way they had previously done with CDs, using the company’s ‘CDJ’ decks.

Quickly taking pride of place in clubs the world over and on numerous technical riders, the DVJ-X1 and its younger bro, the ‘DVJ-1000’, have not only found favour with both DJs wanting an easy route into visuals and VJs wanting something a bit more tactile and reactive than a laptop, but have also spawned a whole ‘DVJ’ sub culture. However, lack of an integrated AV mixer has meant that VJs and DVJs have been left to their own devices…literally…having to mix and mash all sorts of video and audio hardware in order to create a variety of novel, Heath Robinson meets Frankenstein’s monster type solutions for mixing video with audio. But now, the answer that everyone has been crying out for is finally at hand, in the shape of Pioneer’s brand new Pioneer SVM-1000. Continue reading “Pioneer SVM-1000”

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Ableton Live 6

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi reviews Ableton Live 6 in The TechnofileEveryone’s favourite audio application is back with a brand new version and having spent some time putting it through its paces, I have to say, it rocks!

Often, when manufacturers release a new version of their software, it’s with a brand new interface, which is necessary because the old one sucked…not that the new interface is generally any better, it’s just different…and by the time you’ve finished learning how to use it…and all of its new and overly complicated functionality…the manufacturer has released a new version of the software…with a brand new interface…because the old one sucked… Continue reading “Ableton Live 6”

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Audio-Visual Art + DJ Culture Edited by Michael Faulkner/D-Fuse

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi reviews D-Fuse book Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture in The TechnofileIf you want to find your way into the VJing scene, you can either head for the next AV Social, or you can buy yourself a copy of  ‘Audio-Visual Art + DJ Culture’, edited by Michael Faulkner/D-Fuse…the world’s #12 VJs according to DJ Magazine.

Not so much a book as an visual experience, its lavishly illustrated 191 full colour pages are, quite simply, art, each one providing a unique visual window into the world of VJing. Continue reading “Audio-Visual Art + DJ Culture Edited by Michael Faulkner/D-Fuse”

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