London Calling 2006

MC rebbe The Rapping Rabbi at London Calling 2006

Last week, London’s Earls Court played host to “London Calling,” a newish (as opposed to a Jewish) music biz conference/expo/ showcase that claims to be “the dynamic new international event for artists, managers, labels, service providers, brands and the new companies building the future of music business,” but which was so dominated by the net, that I kept thinking I was at a computer trade fair. Continue reading “London Calling 2006”

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Phew Wow!

MC rebbe the Rapping Rabbi in The Technofile

With 3 major expos in rapid succession, January is always a big month for all things tech, but January 2006 seems to be taking da cheesecake.

Before The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had even opened its doors, manufacturers were already making product announcements…already… Continue reading “Phew Wow!”

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Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 (Exclusive Preview)

Adobe  Creative Suite 2.0 exclusive preview in The Technofile by MC Rebbe The Rapping RabbiA few weeks ago Adobe invited me to a very exclusive breakfast presentation at The Soho Hotel in London. Since, it started at 9.30a.m and I don’t get out of bed for less than ten billion, I stayed out and partied all night, which was hardly a sacrifice, but which did leave me feeling a little peckish.

No problem I thought, as my limo drew up at the doors of the Soho, I’ll have breakfast when I get inside. If only…no bagels, no smoked salmon, no cream cheese…not even any champagne. Fortunately the presentation was better than the breakfast… Continue reading “Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 (Exclusive Preview)”

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The Equipment Show

Last weekend The British Society of Cinematographers held their annual ‘Equipment Show’ at Elstree Film and Television Studios’ Studio One…or as it has been renamed, ‘The George Lucas Stage’. Highlights included the new HD cameras from Arri and Panavision, whose differing design philosophies try to achieve the same end result of film quality images on digital video tape.

MC Rebbe features the Panavision Genesis in The Technofile alongside the Arriflex D20The Sony camera…or as it has been renamed…The Panavision Genesis…has a Sony image sensor, Sony circuitry and an integrated Sony HD ‘tape deck’. It is designed to take the full range of Panavision Primo lenses and because it features a single ‘full frame’ sensor, there is no magnification factor, which means that these lenses offer exactly the same focal length and depth of field as if used with a Panavision 35mm film camera. Continue reading “The Equipment Show”

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Something to Shout About!

Apple Logic Pro 7.0 discussed by MC Rebbe The Rapping RabbiA few weeks ago, Apple released the latest version of its flagship midi+audio sequencer, Logic Pro. A multitude of new features and functionality has been added including support for both ‘Garage Band’ and ‘Apple Loops’, but the most significant new feature has to be support for ‘nodes’.

Nodes are one or more additional computers (a minimum of G4s, but preferably G5s) networked (via Ethernet) to a main computer, which then seamlessly harnesses the collective processing power of these nodes for use by Logic and this is something to shout about from the rooftops…with or without accompaniment from a fiddler (just don’t shout too loud or you might end up with nodes). Why? Because it marks an important midpoint in the evolution of computer based digital audio production and also seems to make its and Apple’s future direction (both of which now seem to be inextricably linked) pretty damn clear…as I’ll explain, by way of a little history lesson. Continue reading “Something to Shout About!”

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