Movie Magic Screenwriter 4.7

Movie Magic Screenwriter 4.7 reviewed in The Technofile by MC rebbe The Rapping RabbiIf you are now, or have ever been a Hollywood scriptwriter, you’ll know that scripts have to be formatted in a very specific way. You can do it with a word processor, but it’s not easy. What is easy is Movie Magic Screenwriter, which provides you with all the tools you need to quickly and easily format screen, stage and radio plays, sitcoms, episodic TV drama, novels and even multimedia/animation scripts. Continue reading “Movie Magic Screenwriter 4.7”

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The Future Is Digital…

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi. From his monthly editorial in The Technofile: Rapper, DJ, VJ, Producer, remixer, Jewish comedian, Jewish comedy, Jewish rap, Jewish music Last month at the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) trade show in Florida, Canon announced their brand new 8 mega pixel EOS 350D SLR (which is close to being a 20D, but at the ‘knock down’ price of £749/$899)…at almost exactly the same time as Kodak were announcing that UK production of Medium format film is to cease (though it will still be manufactured in other…sweatier…countries and sold in the UK). Continue reading “The Future Is Digital…”

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