The Future Is Blue

In case you hadn’t heard (and practically no one I speak to has) for the last few years there has been a ongoing war between ‘HD-DVD’ and ‘Blu-ray’…two broadly similar yet incompatible formats competing to become the next generation successor to DVD. Continue reading “The Future Is Blue”

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The End of The War?

LG Electronics Super Multi Blue GGW-H10N previewed in The Technofile by MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi

It had to happen sooner or later and now it has…someone has released a dual format Blue Ray and HD DVD drive…and that someone is LG Electronics. I know this because last week I was at the launch of not one, but two dual format drives, by the major Korean manufacturer, at appropriately cutting edge London venue, 24. Continue reading “The End of The War?”

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Just One Announcement

MC rebbe The Rapping Rabbi writes about Red One digital cinema camera in The TechnofileEvery April, NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) takes place in Las Vegas (where else). Usually this is the place where major manufacturers make major announcements about major new products, but this year, such announcements were pretty thin on the ground.

JVC announced a pair of Pro HDV cameras, with interchangeable lenses, which look interesting, if a little (i.e. very) overpriced, Panasonic released…a DV camera (huh?), Canon released…a lens (big wow) and Sony released…nothing.

As it turns out, Sony might, unintentionally, have made the best move of all, because no matter what was announced, it would inevitably have been completely overshadowed by ‘Red’. Continue reading “Just One Announcement”

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Get your techno kicks in 2006

MC rebbe the Rapping Rabbi in The TechnofileIf you’re wondering what 2006 has in store, you won’t have long to wait, as the convention circuit kicks off on January 5th, with The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Vegas. Although the products launched there are primarily aimed at consumers, there’s always something applicable to creatives…plus lots of neat gadgets, so look out for announcements. Continue reading “Get your techno kicks in 2006”

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Happy Birthday!

MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi celebrates The Technofile's first anniversary and the 20th birthday of Sound on Sound MagazineJust over a month ago, I celebrated the first anniversary of my smash hit blog ‘MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi‘. Now it’s time to celebrate the first anniversary of The Technofile!

Over the past year, I have brought you reviews of all the latest and greatest creation technology, in the process attracting the support of some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Apple and Adobe, as well as numerous smaller players. There’s been world exclusives, such as my preview of Adobe’s Creative Suite 2…the first to appear anywhere (in print or online) and my review of Native Instruments’ Battery…which beat all of the specialist music mags to publication; and excerpts from my reviews have been reprinted (with permission) on the web sites of everyone from Sony to Focal Press! So respect not just to me, but to all of the manufacturers who have given me their support…and their products… Continue reading “Happy Birthday!”

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