Zero G ‘Koncept and Funktion’

MC Rebbe the Rapping Rabbi reviews Zero G Koncept and Funktion in The Technofile

Back in the day, when Zero G were just starting out, I used to review their products regularly in my column in Mixmag…which obviously explains how they got to be so successful…well, that and the fact that they have consistently delivered the goods, at the right price…and the fact that I used to review their products regularly in Mixmag…

Since those halcyon (and Houseian) days, they have become the world’s most prolific producers and distributors of beats, break, scratches and pretty much every other sound imaginable. They have also branched out into virtual instruments, which is what ‘Koncept and Funktion’ is…sort of… Continue reading “Zero G ‘Koncept and Funktion’”

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